Friday Spin

Every name has to come from somewhere I suppose. This is partly where mine came from. God, I love this song. However, this blog isn’t just named for the song, it’s named for Scuffletown park in Richmond, a cute little place wedged between alleys. It’s about a block from my old elementary school, and within sight of 8 ½, one of the city’s best take-out spots and the location of The Video Fan (rest in peace). Though I did not really develop my interests fully until nearly a decade later, I like to think that this quarter mile area did play a large part in who I would later become. And that’s what’s special. A lot of this blog, how I approach my interests, is based upon a certain level of nostalgia, the music I was shown as a kid, the people I saw on the street, the films I saw. I like to think that my interests and how I present them are a tribute to that.

Also, my parents used to be neighbors with some of Avail’s members, which is pretty cool.

Yes, I know the song is largely about issues in Richmond, including the city’s former ranking as having the third highest per capita murder rate. But still, it’s a good song.

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